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From a Concerned Parent

Court-Martial Case

I have a son who just turned 21. For 19 of those years, his Mother and I raised him with the love and caring of any parent. For those 19 years, we kept him safe and out of trouble. Well, needless to say, my son got into trouble at his first duty station after joining the Coast Guard.

Because he didn't let his Mother or I know at the time, we didn't find out until several months later when he was pending Courts Martial. We were not comfortable with only having his military assigned counsel, and not knowing what to do, I took a friend's referral and contacted John Schum. Although we live in Virginia and John is located in Hawaii, I immediately contacted him and he was able to take my call and always got back to me if he was in court.

I was very impressed with the dedication and true concern that John showed for my son's situation. I felt as if he treated my son as his own and that is rare these days. John immediately contacted my son's assigned counsel and was briefed and had many questions about what was not done, as well as suggestions on how to proceed. As with any parent, I was worried sick about what my son could face and what prospects he would have for his future.

John's reassurance and professionalism were very calming and allowed me to concentrate on how we could help my son. With our lawyer's support and caring, my son was able to receive a light sentence and in only 6 months is already working on his parole. Without his influence, I'm sure my son would have received much harsher punishment for a stupid mistake at the age of 19. This causes a parent to do a lot of soul searching and questioning - Was it my fault? - Did I fail as a parent? He was there to explain to us that it's not always the parents fault, we can only keep them under our wing for so long then they must fly on their own. John was a lawyer when we needed a lawyer and a friend when we needed a friend.

The fact that he truly cared about making sure my son was treated fairly and not railroaded made all the difference. If you need to consult with a lawyer, I would definitely recommend John, not just for his long list of credentials, but because of what makes him a good lawyer. He is a caring family man and truly takes personal interest in his clients. That is why to this day, I still keep in touch with him. John, my family can never thank you enough.

From Katie

Fraternization Court-Martial

I retained John Schum while I was pending a court-martial for fraternization and had become overwhelmed with the possible punishments that could result from the charges. Since this was the first time I had gotten into this much trouble, I needed someone who could not only explain all the intricacies of the court system and the case, but also someone who would be a good advisor in matters both personal and professional.

Mr. Schum immediately gained my trust after our first meeting when he made it clear that he was going to be the one person who was going to look out for my best interests and would be severely disappointed if we didn't win the case. He understood that I was just a regular person who had made a mistake.

From that point on, Mr. Schum ensured that I was informed and involved in all decisions regarding the case. Additionally, due to Mr. Schum's experience and contacts, he frequently had information regarding similar cases as well as the players involved in my case that allowed me to make better decisions. Mr. Schum was also very helpful in meeting with my parents, informing them of everything that was occurring, and also keeping them calm.

During the trial, he was very good at reading the jury members and devised a closing presentation, which included both a compelling speech and photo slide show that would most affect them. Even following the verdict, Mr. Schum continues to remain in contact with me and is always willing to answer any of my questions.

I respect Mr. Schum immensely and without his guidance I would not have been able to get through the court-martial as easily and begin to resume my life. Mr. Schum is absolutely the person that you would want to have supporting you during any difficult time.

From Judy

Kailua-Kona, HI DUI/OVUII

I live on the Big Island of Hawaii, and had not had any reason to seek an attorney until my adult son had a one car (truck) accident and was charged with a DUI. My son had previously received treatment and counseling for his alcohol addiction, but had suffered severe situational depression which triggered his drinking. To complicate matters, this was not his first DUI.

I searched on the internet for an attorney in Hawaii who had experience with these cases, and after reading the background and cases that John Schum handles, and seeing that he travels wherever his client lives to meet with them, I made an appointment.

John Schum flew from Honolulu to Kailua-Kona and came to our home, met with us, and gathered all the personal information. He put my son and our family at ease regarding what would be needed and the procedures that would be involved in the case. I appreciated John's forthright conversation, telling us what "could" or "might" happen while at the same time, encouraging us to be hopeful. He advised my son on whether to plea "guilty " or "not guilty", and the consequences of that plea.

John gathered together all the counseling and rehab information showing that my son recognized his problem and had sought medical help. This required intense research from other states. The ongoing court process, delays, etc., took a long time, several months, and we were becoming frustrated with the slow court process in Hawaii. That's when John kept our spirits up, explained every detail to us. His calm "matter of fact" approach was highly professional. The final result was very positive.

My son complied with all of the court's directives, paid the fines, and after his license suspension was completed, John also assisted my son in obtaining his new driver's license. We had to jump through a lot of "hoops", and could easily been discouraged had it not been for John's expertise and reassurance.

His representation has given my son a new lease on life, and our family will be forever grateful to him. Whenever I talk to John, his first concern is: "How's your son?" That's the kind of attorney John Schum is.

From a Defense Client

Drug Charges - Military Reservist

In 2007, I was faced with a very serious allegation into drug use as a military reservist. The Reserves presents a unique set of challenges to include long delays in reviewing cases, assigning authorities, analyzing requests, conducting investigations and deciding upon what actions to take. My first action when this situation came up (a positive urine analysis) was to seek competent council. Within two days, all of my requests for referrals pointed to John Schum being the best option here on Oahu.

Mr. Schum saw me and my wife immediately, began familiarizing himself with my case, and mapped out a "road ahead". In addition, Mr. Schum used his network of experts across the nation to vet issues including procedural and technical; this was one of the most encouraging aspects of working with Mr. Schum — he did not hesitate to ask for help and guidance from others he considered more familiar or experienced. In addition, the tempo of this case included several periods of delays lasting weeks and months, and Mr. Schum ensured I was not left hanging and/or wondering what was progressing and what was not. Finally, I found Mr. Schum to be personally engaged in my case, and I would most strongly recommend him (and have in fact done so) to others who have need for legal counsel. If John does not have the answer, he'll find out who does, and either represent himself or hand you off to a well qualified expert.

Military Legal Defense

Navy - Failed Urinalysis

Mr. John Schum,

I wanted to express my deepest gratitude for everything your office has done to make right all of the injustices brought upon me by the U. S. Navy. When I first got word that I failed a urinalysis, I knew there was a mistake but I also knew that no one would have believed me.

Thanks to you, many fatal discrepancies were found in the collection and testing process, discrediting the entire drug-testing program of the command. You know the military legal system very well and you will do what it takes to protect your clients, and for that I am grateful. Most of all I want to thank you for your honesty. At a time when there were few people I could trust, you always laid the cards on the table and told me exactly how it was. You are truly a man of integrity. Everything you said you would do, you did.

I greatly appreciate your professionalism and I wish there were more like you in the world. Although I received a GUILTY verdict in the Special Court Martial, I only received a letter of reprimand for punishment. I was able to remain a Petty Officer First Class and I didn't spend a day in the brig! I faced an ADMINISTRATIVE SEPERATION BOARD and with your knowledge and perseverance, we won by a vote of 3-0 in favor of retention.

I owe my life and career to you. May GOD continue to bless you and your firm! I will recommend your firm to both military and civilians.

Very Respectfully,

PO1 Jones

Hawaii DUI Defense

Challenged ADLRO and Officers at District Court

John Schum saved my military career and protected me from suffering the punishments for multiple DUIs in a six month period.

The first DUI arrest occurred when the military police followed me through the base and stopped me for not using my turn signal just before I pulled into my driveway. Mr. Schum was able to show at both the ADLRO hearing and in court that the police did not have a basis to stop me and challenged the validity of the breathalyzer. I did not lose my license and was found not guilty of the offense.

While this was going on, my girlfriend was driving my car one night. We were coming home from an evening out. She was forced off the road and wrecked my car. The police showed up for the accident and thought that I had been driving. I was arrested again once they saw some of the paperwork in my car for the earlier DUI. John Schum was able to get another acquittal in court and had the ADLRO suspension overturned because the police officer did not show up for the hearing.

When I tell people that I won both of my cases, they are shocked. It rarely happens and Mr. Schum was responsible for winning two in a short period of time. He was up front with me about the odds, but had a strategy for defending me and was successful both times.

If you want an attorney that is not scared to try a DUI case, I highly recommend Mr. Schum.

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